Stop All Your iPhone Apps From Asking You to Leave a Review

Nearly every application you download on your iPhone will ask you for a review at one point. The request is a reasonable one. Ratings and reviews give developers direct feedback and help other people figure out if they should also download these apps. Ratings can make or break an app, which is why apps will annoy you with constant requests to leave a review.

If you’re fine with doing it, then great. Sometimes though, you may not feel like it, especially when you’re in the middle of doing something with the app. Unfortunately, if you don’t leave a review, some apps may bother you with repeated requests.

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent this pestering. Here’s how.

How to prevent iOS app review pop-ups from appearing

The process is simple: In the Settings application, go to App Store and toggle off In-App Ratings Reviews. That’s it. Once the feature is disabled, you’ll no longer receive pop-ups asking you to rate and review whatever application you’re using.

You can still leave a review in the App Store, you just won’t be bothered by an app to do it.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

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